Testimonials from Junior Golf Camp : Junior Golfers
“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn about golf. I enjoyed the camp so much. I hope to be part of it next year. The coaches are nice and patient.” - Christopher
“I had a great time at golf camp. Thank you for using your time on me and my friends. I hope you have golf camp next year for other kids to have a great time. You taught me respect and how to behave on a golf course.” - Jesse
“I would like to thank you for dedicating all of your time to teach us how to play golf and for putting up with our attitudes. You taught me how to respect the course and the people who play it. I also want to thank you for the golf supplies and the free food. I hope you have the junior golf camp next year.” - Tommy
“Thank you for letting us come golfing for free. I had lots of fun. My favorite thing was putting. I tried my very best and my very best and that’s how I got 1ST place. Now I want to do golfing as a sport.” - Michael
“Thank you so much for being my instructors. You guys are so cool. You showed me the right way to chip. I used to do something funny with my hands. It’s cool the way guys like you go out of your way to do special things for other people. I hope I see you around and about.” - Alyx

“Thank you for teaching me how to putt, how to chip (and run) and how to use the course and how to take care of it. Hope you had fun because I sure did. Thank you for being my teacher. Hope I see you around sometime.” - Maddie
Testimonial from Parents
“I am writing to tell you how much our family enjoyed the L.A. County Junior Golf Camp held this past July at the Victoria Golf Course. Two of my three children were old enough to participate in the week-long activities. Neither had golfed prior to this program but after the first day they couldn’t wait to return! While we were pleased with their enthusiasm for going, we were very impressed with the instructors. ‘Respect’ was the primary goal of the session-how to treat each other, property, and how to play the game respectfully. The camp was run professionally and with style. Thank you again for this opportunity for our children. We hope that this program will continue for many years.” - Lynn
“Thank you so much for conducting the golf camp at El Cariso Golf Course in Sylmar this past week. My two daughters had a very positive experience. This was their first time golfing and they learned quite a bit. They also had fun with the other children and made new friends. We hope you will return next summer and offer such a program again. My son who is 12 was eager to attend your program but he started school August 26th. Perhaps next year you can add an earlier session for students who return to school earlier in the season. In any case, you and your colleagues are to be commended for your patience, knowledge, sportsmanship and enthusiasm and for sharing these with all the golf camp participants. Please keep us posted about any upcoming events. Heidi and Bridget send their regards.” - Christine
“I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the Los Angeles County Junior Golf Camp at Marshall Canyon Golf Course from July 29 to August 2. Both of my daughters, Chloe and Aubree, were in the afternoon session. They loved it. Mike McMonegal and his staff did a wonderful job teaching golf skills and etiquette. Most of all, they made the experience fun for my girls. This camp (and especially the staff running it) created an interest in the game of golf for my daughters that I hope stays with them as they grow and mature. I look forward to having them attend golf camp at Marshall Canyon again next summer.” - Sonia
“As a parent, I truly appreciate your interest and generosity in giving our youth a free junior golf program. It is wonderful to recognize that there are many community sponsors like yourself interested in seeing golf programs succeed. We will certainly commit ourselves to fulfilling the expectations of the Junior Golf programs. You have a wonderful and professional staff. Tim Smith made all the newcomers feel welcomed and comfortable. Once again, thank you for your dedicated efforts. It is exciting to see community members support programs so enthusiastically." - Al
“Just wanted to let you know what a blast my son Charlie had in LA County Golf Program at Los Verdes this last week. As soon as awards were over, he putted for 30 minutes. After that, he wanted to go to the driving range. We ended up playing a 3-par that afternoon, hitting balls the next day, buying a new driver two days later, hitting more balls and playing 9 at Los Verdes on Saturday afternoon. Can you say hooked? You and your entire team had such a positive influence on him. He came home everyday with a huge smile on his face; this says a lot, because Charlie loves sports, been to camps, has a grandpa who is a religious golfer, but you guys really hit home. We hope to continue with your program wherever you may be. Please keep us posted.” - JoAnne
“I am writing to share my experience with the LA County Jr. Golf Program. I have three boys who attended the Jr. Golf Program at El Cariso golf course in Sylmar for the first time in 2003. This was their basically first exposure to golf. I was stunned to learn that FREE golf lessons would be offered. I was even more stunned by the end of the week. My children LOVED the week...more than any other summer camp they have attended. It really sparked an interest in golf. All year for any birthday or holiday, my boys would ask for golf items. They golfed throughout the year. They were so eager to attend the program again this year. And they had another GREAT experience. Just as last year, the coaches were patient, and the program was fun and instructional. Mike McMonegal does a fantastic job of keeping things well organized. The entire program is very well executed. I understand you have been supportive of the program in the past. The program is an excellent opportunity for children to be exposed to golf. I hope you will continue to be a strong advocate for the Jr. Golf Program.” - Becky
“Our sons, Alexander and Austin, participated in the L.A. County Junior Golf Program this summer at El Cariso Golf Course. We want to thank you for providing such a great opportunity for them to participate in the sport of golf. We appreciate the attention given to proper golf attire and etiquette. Tim Smith and all of the coaches were patient, kind, and fun. We appreciated the times they took to be there every morning, making this experience for the kids a priority. Just a couple of days ago, we went to the golf course to hit some balls on the driving range. Our boys both said that they missed their golf camp and couldn’t wait until next year. We hope you continue to value this program with your funding and support.” - Al and Kristen