Program Statistics

June, 2002 through May, 2005
42 weeks of programming
3 clinics
Over 2,400 participants
64.6% boys, 35.4% girls
36.5% White
31.8% Hispanic
16.6% Black of African American
12.5% Asian
82.6% of the juniors have never participated in the program
73.6% would participate again
70.9% of the juniors have never had lessons
62.0% would consider signing up for lessons
76.4% of the juniors had not been to our golf courses
76.7% would consider returning
69.9% of the juniors have not played a round of golf
76.2% would consider playing in the future
60.2% of the juniors have family members who play golf
70.0% said others in family have expressed an interest in learning
25.8% of the juniors knew what golf etiquette was before the lessons
99.0% learned about etiquette
27.2% of the juniors knew the driving range rules
99.6% learned about safety and behavior on the range
89.8% of the juniors had never participated in any golf competition
98.7% of the juniors enjoyed the putting tournament
77.4% of the juniors rated the Coaches as Excellent and
75.2% have rated the Program as Excellent